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Teach Me Tonight

by Sammy Cahn, additional lyrics by Jay Douglas

Now, I've been coming to Sorrento for 19 summers.  I kinda feel like I'm part of it all, but I know many of you here tonight might consider 19 to still be a newbie or a poser!  So I know there is still much to know, still much to learn.  So tonight I'm hoping you all can teach me what it's like to be a real Downeasterner...

Did you say I've got a lot to learn

Well don't think I'm trying not to learn

Since this is the perfect spot to learn

Teach me tonight


Starting with the ABC's of it

Right down to the XYZ of it

Help me solve the mystery of it

Teach me tonight!


The skies of blackboards

hight above you

If a shooting star goes by

I'll use that star

to write 'I love you'

A thousand times across the sky

One thing isn't very clear my love

Should the teacher stand so near by love

Graduation's almost here my love

Teach me tonight!


Tell me sister

How to be a Downeaster 

I come alive cruisin’ 185

I’m histrionic til my gin & tonic

Teach me tonight 


and speaking of the Sorrento Yacht Club...

I just shudder when you touch my rudder

I scream and shout when we come about

I get tingly when you ride upon the dinghy

Teach me tonight


I’m in a different league

When I’m walkin’ down Waukeag!


I lay down my heavy load

When on the west shore road!


I’ve come to see my honey

her name is Blink Bonnie!


That beautiful view of Cadillac!

I almost had a heart attack!


All of us, we are so cool

Swimmin’ at the salt water pool

Teach me tonight...

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