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Pickleball - The fastest growing sport in Sorrento, Maine, USA Make new friends, exercise, have fun, be in the know.

Schedule - Join Us!

Round Robin Play - 3:30-5:30 Daily

  • Upper town courts - Wednesday through Monday

  • Pool court - Tuesday

Beginner Clinic - 3:30-4:30 Thursdays

  • Lower town court

  • Learn the rules of play, how to keep score and basic shots - dinks, serves and volleys.

Intermediate Clinic - Mondays 7/11, 7/25, 8/15

  • Each clinic will be capped at 12 people.

  • Sign up is required

  • These clinics are geared toward improving shot technique, placement, strategy and team play.


The Use of Courts

Pickleball Scheduler!

We will use Pickleball Scheduler for sign ups on a daily basis. Registering gives us the advantage of knowing that we have enough players for a game, but walk-ons are always welcome.
If you aren’t already registered, please go to the website to be included in the notification emails. Once you are registered, you will receive emails daily inviting you to sign up.

We are in the Down East region
The area code is 04677
If you have a skill rating, please include. Or, if not, use 2.5.

Pickleball players are welcome on the upper town courts and pool court at any time on a first come basis. Tennis has preference on the lower town court. Please finish up your game when there is a tennis player waiting.

Learn More About the Game

Take time to watch some “how to” videos on YouTube or tune in to the Pickleball Channel to watch the pros.


Pickleball 101
Rules of Pickleball
How to Serve
How to buy a paddle
Stay out of the kitchen (non volley zone)

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