The Sorrento VIA and the Sorrento Yacht Club have the following summer positions open for the summer.  Please read the job descriptions below to determine which position(s) you are interested in.  Click on the “Job Application” button to apply.  Please note the following:

  • Applicants 16 years of age and older will be given priority consideration for SVIA positions. Exceptions may be made in the case of staff shortages or based on enhanced qualifications. Alternatively, 14 and 15-year-olds are encouraged to investigate volunteer /internship opportunities with the program of their choice which is a wonderful way to train for positions in future years.


  • State of Maine Work Permit is required for all 14 and 15-year-olds prior to starting work and can take a few weeks for processing, so apply early. Permits are obtained through the RSU24 Administrative Office on Route 1, Sullivan. 207 422-4794.

Head Sailing Instructor & Sailing Instructor Positions

The role of the HEAD SAILING INSTRUCTOR & SAILING INSTRUCTOR is to teach sailing to youth and adults and to contribute actively to the team and to the improvement of the SVIA Sailing Program. The sailing instructors must recognize that his or her actions are observed and emulated by the staff, SVIA members and students, and should act as a positive role model at all times. Sailing staff members are the “face” and ambassadors of the SYC sailing program, and instructors should promote the sport of sailing in a positive way for both social and race sailing.


Head Sailing Instructor:

  • Supervising all staff sailing instructors.

  • Preparing effectively for sailing class through lesson and equipment planning according to weather.

  • Coordinating and conducting regular regattas for youth and community.

  • Recording attendance of youth & adults in sailing program events and submitting daily/weekly to SVIA trustee &/or administration.

  • Recording & collecting all staff timesheets, submitting weekly to SVIA trustee &/or administration for review, signature & approval.

  • Reporting immediately all necessary boat repairs and/or damages to SYC Commodore.

  • Assisting SVIA Commodore with pre-program preparations and routine maintenance as necessary.

  • Providing “end of season” evaluations.

  • All duties outlined below:


Sailing Instructor:

  • Demonstrating SAFETY!  SAFETY!  SAFETY!  Safety is PARAMOUNT!

  • Teaching sailing & racing ACTIVELY IN BOATS WITH students per Head Sailing Instructor’s plan & daily direction.

  • Engaging students in lesson plans through creative and fun drills, games, and exercises.

  • Reporting all necessary boat repairs and/or damages to Head Sailing Instructor.

  • Ensuring that all boats & equipment are properly secured and stowed at the end of each session.

  • Acting proactively, showing a desire to improve the SYC sailing program.

  • Wearing PFD appropriately, SYC instructor tee shirt & shorts during instructional time.

  • Recording hours and submitting weekly time sheets to Head Sailing Instructor for approval.


  • Must be at least 14 years old

  • Assist Sailing Instructors predominantly during the morning sessions.

  • Volunteer/work as directed by the Head Sailing Instructor.


Job Requirements:

  • Advanced knowledge of sailing skills, preferred, including flying spinnakers.

  • Experience with handling a motorboat (17’ Boston Whaler) and outboard motors, preferred.

  • Advanced knowledge of weather, wind direction, tides & currents preferred.

  • US Sailing Small Boat Sailing Instructor Level 1 Certification.  (Required for Head Sailing Instructor and preferred for Sailing Instructor.

  • 1 + years experience as a sailing instructor preferred and/or experience teaching/coaching youth.

  • Maine or other equivalent safe boating course.

  • Current CPR and First Aid certifications required.

  • Experience and passion for teaching, leading, mentoring, relating and motivating youth/students.

  • Flexibility, teamwork, ability to multi-task and provide a fun, dynamic, positive & cohesive atmosphere.

  • Strong problem-solving skills and an ability to adapt to changing program needs depending on changes in weather, number of students, number of boats, etc.

  • Enthusiastic, energetic, positive attitude, flexible, responsible, and resourceful.

SVIA Activities Counselor Positions

Counselor-in-Training (CIT) 

  • Age minimum 14 years

  • First employment with Sorrento VIA

  • Work as directed by Lead Counselor as needed:

    • Camp Sorrento: Tuesday - Friday 10am-12pm

    • Monday Family Activity: 10am – 3pm

    • Library Nights: Tuesday/Thursday evenings


Junior Counselor 

  • Age minimum 15 years / preferred 16 years

  • Has been employed with Sorrento VIA at least 1 season

  • Work as directed by Lead Counselor as needed:

    • Camp Sorrento: Tuesday - Friday 10am-12pm

    • Monday Family Activity: 10am – 3pm

    • Library Nights: Tuesday/Thursday evenings

    • Overnight (TBD)

  • Strongly Preferred: Adult/Pediatric First Aid and CPR Training. Eligible for bonus if
    certification submitted before first day of employment.

  • Must commit to a minimum of 12 working days (including preparation of planned
    activities).  This requires being local for at least 2 consecutive weeks.


Lead Counselor


  • Age minimum 16 years / preferred 17 years

  • Preferred driving ability/license

  • Has been employed with Sorrento VIA at least 2 seasons

  • Plan and communicate junior counselor and CIT schedules

  • Plan and prepare activities for Camp Sorrento, Library Night, Monday Family Activity

  • Plan and prepare for overnight (TBD)

  • Ensure contact information is captured/accurate for each new camper

  • Work with Activities Trustee to order and/or replace materials and equipment

  • Review and approve/correct counselor time sheets

  • Ensure Library is cleaned and locked after use

  • Work Camp Sorrento: Tuesday - Friday 10 am-12 pm

  • Work Family Monday Activities: 10 am-3 pm

  • Work Library Nights: Tuesday and Thursday evenings

  • Required: CPR training (submit proof of certification by start of employment)

  • Preferred season-long commitment. 

SVIA Tennis Assistant Position

The tennis assistant is responsible for helping Joe set up and run group lessons. Age and levels of
participant play range from young children through senior citizens, from beginner to advanced players.
An ability to comfortably interact with a wide range of people is preferred. Although the assistant does
not need to be an advanced player, he or she must able to accurately feed balls as most drills are
centered around feeding.


Additional responsibility: The tennis assistant must agree to sweep town and pool courts two times each


SVIA Salt Water Pool Lifeguard Positions


Duties and Responsibilities


The lifeguard is required to actively monitor, survey, and control activity at the pool; enforce regulations or policies; perform daily pool maintenance and perform first aid and lifesaving activities. Lifeguards respond to water-related emergencies as well as accidents, injuries, or other types of emergencies affecting the safety at the pool; and are responsible for the general overall safety of the pool area. Specific duties include:

  • Arrive 15 minutes before opening time

  • Unlock gates at the tennis court entrance and Nautilus Road entrance at opening time and lock them at closing time.

  • Open the pumphouse and put out safety equipment on porch upon arrival and return safety equipment and lock pumphouse at end of shift.

  • Rake the beach at the end of the afternoon if patrons have left. Otherwise, rake beach upon arrival.

  • Sweep out bathhouses if they are sandy.

  • Turn on the pump 2.5 hours before high tide and turn it off 2.5 hours after high tide.

  • Post date, air temperature and water temperature upon whiteboard.

  • Have a member of each party sign in. 

  • Monitor activity in pool area and maintain safety.

  • Attend to any injuries.  First aid kit is located in the pump house. Complete an injury report form for any injuries and contact VIA Pool trustee, Todd Harrison, 617 304-5635, as soon as possible.

  • Pool is closed during inclement weather.  Contact Todd Harrison to determine any pool closing.


Minimum Requirements

  • American Red Cross Lifeguard Certification (CPR, AED, First Aid, Lifeguarding Skills)

  • 16 years of age or older