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Sorrento Croquet

The Sorrento croquet court is for the exclusive use of VIA members.  Please purchase your membership here.

Croquet 2022 Programs and Court Availability

Mondays: Court is open

Tuesdays: Instructional clinic from 9-10:30

Wednesdays: Court is open

Thursdays: Supervised play from 1:30-3:30

Fridays: Court is open

Saturdays: Instructional clinic from 10-11:30

Sundays: Court is Open

We are working on scheduling a Kid’s clinic and a Golf Croquet Play Day and will announce details for each once interest is confirmed and times are established.


There is a sign-up “white board” in the Croquet Cabana where players can sign up for 1.5 hour time slots for any times when there are no scheduled clinics or events.


There are at least four types of games played today, combining elements of chess (strategy) and pool (execution) played on grass. The first is the more traditional 9 wicket game that you might have played in the backyard. The second is "golf croquet," the simplest and easiest version to learn and the game played by the overwhelming number of players today in the US. The third is "association croquet"—the game most commonly played everywhere in the world, except the US.

The fourth is so-called "American rules" or six-wicket croquet—the game most often played on the courts in Sorrento and Woodlawn in Ellsworth.

One of the main reasons that Sorrento's beautiful court was built several years ago was because the game can be learned and played by men and women of all ages, and can be especially fun and interesting for retirees from the golf course or tennis court.


What is Croquet?

What Do I Need to Get Started?

How Can I Learn the Game?

On the equipment side, all you need is a mallet and sneakers or shoes without heels.

There are several mallets available in the green box on the porch of the shed near the court, or you can go to the U.S. Croquet Association website and find recommended mallets for purchase online.


The court will be set up all summer so there is no need to worry about the wickets. The balls, clips, timers and "deadness boards" are all available​ on the porch as well.

Each week clinics are available to teach how to play both golf and six wicket croquet.


Instructors are drawn from experienced Sorrento players. Each week there will also be an "exhibition" game played by some of the better players from Sorrento and Woodlawn. You can learn a lot about the game by just watching.


While the games of croquets can be challenging and competitive, there is also great enjoyment experienced by players of all skill levels who use the sport as a relaxed and informal social activity.  On the Sorrento court, we promote both the social and competitive aspects of the sport.  We welcome one and all to join us at the court to play croquet.


Watch this site and the bulletin board at the court for further details.

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