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The Sorrento Library

The Sorrento Public Library was built over 122 years ago, in 1893.  It is an architecturally distinguished colonial revival building that has virtually always been at the heart of our community life.  In 1995 it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places and around that time it was officially separated from the Sorrento Village Improvement Association (SVIA) to become a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization now known as the Sorrento Public Library Corporation (SPLC).  


Operating Hours

The Library is generally open on weekdays from June until mid to late September, although we do not have regular hours. Books can be borrowed from the first-floor Library collection, using the honor system.  


Library Events

Programs for Children, Potluck Dinners, community, and other special events are often held at the Library and generally are listed on the SVIA Summer Community Calendar or Library Bulletin Board.


If you are interested in renting the Library for a special occasion, please contact the Library office for more information at (207)422-3930 or send an email to



We are in the process of gradually restoring individual parts of the Library. Whether you are helping to replace a shingle or paint a pillar, your tax-deductible contributions are critical to the overall health of the Library. No donation is too small.


BEWARE of Internet Scams

Currently, the Library can only accept donations in the form of a check made out to the Sorrento Public Library Corporation, mailed to the address below OR via an on-line donation made through the official Sorrento VIA website drop-down box. The SPLC does not have an independent website and there are no other organizations that accept donations on our behalf.  

Please beware of any online offers to solicit funds for the Sorrento Public Library other than through this official website. Sadly, we have discovered that there are unofficial sites claiming to collect money on behalf of our Library and other non-profits, who ultimately do not forward collected donations along to us.


It Takes a Village


A special thank you to our Administrator Laurel Bartolomeo, our Caretaker, Tim Guyette, our Maintenance Team lead by Averill West, to our Restoration Crew lead by Dean Bowers of Hancock Homes, to fellow Library Advisory Board members, Sid Bogardus and Rich Mayzel and to community members for your ongoing support. You are all very much appreciated!


Sorrento Public Library Corporation

P.O. Box 54

Sorrento, Maine 04677 

(207) 422-3930  Library Office

Lisa Ballard, Trustee

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